Diary of a Domestic Goddess in Training – February

This month, I try baking scones. Rather than the usual, I wanted to make a fruit round, so it produces four mega scones like I used to have in, of all places, New York.

I also make cheese scones, one of my favourite things

Plus the ordinary buttermilk scones

Valentine cakes

Or rather cakes for my Valentine. I don’t care much for chocolate cake (OK, other than Guinness cake, red velvet cake and my own brownies) but dark chocolate cakes with real orange flavouring and dark and white chocolate frosting seemed appropriate.


At the end of the month, I had friends from Devon stay for the weekend and knowing that at least one of them is a bit of a baker too, I decide to go retro with butterfly cakes.

Coming soon: walnut and coffee Battenberg cake followed by several attempts at making almond croissants.