NEWS: Birmingham Jelly is one year old!

To celebrate, the lovely people from Enterprise Nation are joining in the fun. See their blog here: Birmingham Jelly = #watercoolermoment + hot coffee + birthday cake

Jelly is – co-working – collaborating – creativity – chat – coffee

What: Jelly is an event for solo workers to come together to work and chat. I attended a few Jellies when I was in NYC a couple of years ago. We had them in people’s apartments there and once in a shoe show room over-looking Central Park! It was essentially an apartment used as a showroom and not something I have come across in Birmingham as yet. Only in New York….
Just bring your laptop, grab a coffee and get to work in a lovely friendly atmosphere with like-minded people.

Why: Because it doesn’t exist and Birmingham needs a place for Jellyheads© to come together every now and again. Jelly Birmingham was born in February 2011.

Who: freelancers, home workers, solopreneurs, small business owners, field workers – in fact, everyone is welcome to drop in co-work, collaborate and chat. Other than a laptop you can bring your note book, craft or just yourself, it’s a great time to clear your diary and think of new ideas.

When: Next dates

  • Friday 3rd February – JQT
  • Friday 9th March – JQT
  • Friday 13th April – JQT

From 9am onwards or you can get there earlier and have breakfast with the daily papers.

Where: Urban Coffee Co JQT (Big Peg)

Feel free to come and put your laptop down then go grab a drink.

How: RSVP to me or via Twitter @RickieWrites
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7 thoughts on “Jelly

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  2. The problem with working in coffee shops as a freelancer is that every time you need a piss, you have to unplug partially power down and take your laptop into the toilet with you. Same applies to buying a coffee. Also I have to wait in line for a coffee, at home I just wander over to the machine and pour.

    It’s a total time waster, also for example I drink about 3 litres of coffee a day, to do that in a coffee shop would probably cost more than to hire a serviced office!

    Coffee shop working simply isn’t practical. I would LOVE to see some kind of laptop locking system where you work. Waitress service and a loyalty card, or MAYBE some kind of ‘all you can eat coffee buffet’ for a flat fee – an idea which worked incredibly well in the Chinese and Indian restaurant sector!

    • Ah that’s the whole point of Jelly, so you can leave you laptop and wander off as everyone else is there to look after it. Also, our Jelly is once a month so a lot cheaper than hiring an office and the opportunity to collaborate into the equation.
      Having said that, personally I work from a coffee shop for some time every day but it’s generally only 1 long coffee that keeps me going each time, so still cheaper than an office – and I find myself to be more creative when at a coffee shop. Not the same if I was in an office full of people interrupting me. Plus, on the odd occasion I do need to leave my seat, it’s an unwritten freelancer rule that we all look after each others belongings – there are always people in the same position in there.
      But I have commented to my local coffee house about having a all you can drink flat fee – would be fantastic!

  3. Great idea! Definitely interested in coming along to the next one. I’m up against a deadline today so not quite suitable for my needs right now but definitely next time! See you there …

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