LuvDrop or Internet dating

Dating in the City

Birmingham  daters, which do you prefer?

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       You’ll know that the people coming to LuvDrop are single; the rest is all there to be discovered

  •  Online, you know all their likes and dislikes and have already made up your mind about them

♥        With face to face meetings, you meet the true personality with no place to hide

  • With internet dating you will only read the person’s CV and that’s just what they want you to know

♥        At LuvDrop events, you may find yourself liking someone who on paper would have been on you ‘no’ list

  • With internet dating you will reject everyone that doesn’t conform to your wish list

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Why I (Still) Celebrate my Birthday

After about the age of nineteen, for many, birthdays are greeted with much derision but me? I like to celebrate another year full of laughter, fun and of course new experiences. I think of a birthday as a celebration of being on this planet rather than having one year less to go. Who’s to say what will happen? My plan is to make the most of every minute and pack every day and go places I want to go every year.

Up until the big 40 I had parties at home just for my nearest and dearest – no hangers on that were unknown to me. I only want to celebrate the most important day of my year with people that matter, not strangers. Each year would have a theme, NOT fancy dress but a random theme just for fun. The last few were Bollywood, a children’s party, pink, All Saints and ending with ‘Letting it all Go’.

The 40th was a surprise to everyone; it was a commemoration of everyone I have known in my life with a look back in pictures and every track we played was painstakingly put together (remember @girltaristhan ?) as I celebrated a lifetimes’ love of music; we had top 3s, top 5s and top 10s  of all my favourite artists and genres and yet with 5 hours, I still didn’t have room for Springsteen.

After 15 years of this; of caterers, wait staff and the traditional fireworks, I realise that all I’m doing is paying a small fortune just to get my national friends together once a year, twice if you count the summer party too.

So the new tradition is take those few hundred £££ and go to a place I haven’t been before. I have been to San Francisco, Washington, Montreal and this year, Milan all adding to life’s rich experiences to be celebrated next year.

LuvDrop or Speed dating?

LuvDrop or Speed dating

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↓ You have to stop talking to someone even if you like them and by the time you see them next time, they’ll be talking to someone else

  You can talk to someone all night with LuvDrop. There is no timer on you.

↓  Host is there to seat you, administrate the evening and make you pair off

  Hosts are there for you; to make  introductions, to help you feel comfortable and confident

↓ Anyone can go to speed dating events, un-vetted, single or not

  LuvDrop host invitation only events for members who have applied to join

↓ You have to exchange numbers there and then if you want to see anyone again. Everyone at speed dating will know numbers get exchanged so no-one will feel special

♥  If you’re don’t want to hand over your phone no straight away, you can email another member later – or we can get in touch for you

Speed date, single, match making, dating, LuvDrop, Dating in the city, Birmingham

More info about LuvDrop: Dating in the City

Luvdrop – a new enterprise

In case I haven’t mentioned, just wanted to let you know about a new enterprise I’ve started.

There are plenty internet dating sites around. LuvDrop is not one of them.
LuvDrop is not about finding Mr or Mrs Right, although that may come along later. LuvDrop is about encouraging people to date again. The only criteria is to be single.

Put simply, we use modern technology (MeetUp, Twitter, FB) to enable single people to be in a room together. Thereafter, we introduce them and let nature take its cause.

It’s like we’re holding a small party and have invited our single friends to it. Naturally we introduce them to each other, make sure they are comfortable and have a drink in hand and are not left alone for any length of time.
Ahead of time, we’ll make sure they have plenty of notice, know where they are going and provide them with contact details.

There is no dating scene to speak of in Birmingham or maybe I’m just spoilt by spending so much time in New York. In any case, a friend and I were talking about this one day and a few weeks later, we decided to start LuvDrop.

The first event is planned for October 12th
All the events will be Monday to Thursday around 8pm or possibly during weekend daytimes. There will be no events on the busy Friday or Saturday unless it’s a special occasion. 8pm starts allow people to go home, get ready and present themselves in the dress code of ‘first date’!

At nice venues around Birmingham city centre where we can have a private corner but not necessarily tucked away from the rest of the customers. After all, LuvDrop is about enabling people to get out and start dating again.

By membership.
We’ll accept members by application and then we’ll ask for a token membership fee. We only want to include intelligent, professional and mature men and women who will show respect to their fellow other members.

This is run jointly by me and my business partner Darren Hawkins. We will both host each event and each be available to assist members by email and face to face. Our job is to make them feel welcome and introduce them to the others, just like good hosts do.

I’d really love to know about any experience you’ve had generally in the dating arena. Please comment here or drop me a line at

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