Films of 2011

I’ve leant after years of being a Cineworld ‘Unlimited’ card holder that I’m generally in the minority with my taste in films. I mark the film purely on my cinematic experience rather than story, direction, photography, actors, script, soundtrack – actually no, soundtrack I do take into consideration. Therefore, a story can be mediocre but made up for in action or comedy.

I’ve seen 40 films (that I’ve remembered to write about) and marked all of them out of 10 throughout the year so this is just the top five looking back on those scores.

1. Movie – The Help

2. Movie – Larry Crowne

3. Movie – The Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Plus in no particular order

Movie – Fair Game

Movie: The Kings Speech

Movie – Lincoln Lawyer

Movie – Captain America:The First Avenger

2012 has started well so I hope it continues to do so and it’s not just the Oscar rush!

3 thoughts on “Films of 2011

  1. Larry Crowne and The King’s Speech were two of my faves – I borrowed the DVD of Captain America from my brother but because I hadn’t seen the others some bits didn’t make sense (and I didn’t like the ending but that’s a whole other story lol)

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