The wonderful thing about Jelly…

Regular Enterprise Nation contributor Rickie Josen is a big fan of Jelly. No, not the wobbly stuff you eat with ice cream, but the loose co-working group for freelancers and homeworkers that meets in cafes, home, offices – and other locations – across the US and, increasingly, the UK. This is what Rickie has to say about the virtues of Jelly.

I first encountered Jelly during a long stint in New York, thanks to EN’s very own Emma Jones recommending it (she does a lot of that – Ed).

All I knew about Jelly when I RSVPed to my first one was that it’s about co-working for people who otherwise work alone, at home. When I came back to the UK, given that we have all moved towards home-working, portfolio careers and entrepreneurship – not to mention the more general acceptance of social media as a way of connecting – I was surprised Jelly wasn’t already in a huge city like Birmingham. So, eventually, I added it to my list of community tasks.

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