BRITS February 16 2010

I’ve watched, actually recorded, every one of these occasions since the start, except last year when I was in New York and nobody loved me enough to carry on my tradition. So this year, I didn’t record but it’s still a highlight of the year, even if I’m against 90% of the chosen artists.

Back in my day they were called the BPI Awards and they weren’t televised initially and there wasn’t even a ceremony at first. I even attended in 1992, it was the year Seal (ask your parents) was the Lady GaGa of the year. They were recorded in the afternoon at Earls Court and we rushed home to watch it on TV.
I’m not sure at what age I became really agitated at both the nominations and choice of performers – I think mid-30s – but nothing stops me watching.

This year, Lily Allen opened the show in a fairly unspectacular way. Not sure if she can’t sing or was simply nervous, which is understandable but thank heavens for her backing track.

The Spice Girls won the best performance over 30 years, memorable as it was just before their world domination and for Ginger Spice’s Union Jack micro dress. A fair conclusion and it was nice of Melanie B and Gerry Halliwell to turn up. Wouldn’t it have been great if they all turned up and showed the young’uns how to do it? But I know Melanie C would have been on stage for her Laurence Olivier Award nominated performance in Blood Brothers. Of course, in 1997, I would have despised them.

Dizzee Rascal picked up the well-deserved best male award. Nice to see some enthusiasm from a clearly well bought up, talented and ambitious young man.

JLS. Muted, sorry. I’m sure they were very happy and clearly as I have heard of them, they’ve done well but I just cannot be bothered.

Jay-Z Fair enough, can’t imagine that the best International Male could have gone to Eminem this year but why are all the male awards already presented at the start?

Whilst definitely not a fan, Oasis were worthy winners for best album from over 30 years of nominations. My vote, now that I’ve seen the list would have gone to The Verve, Urban Hymns, one of my all time top 10 albums. I thought Noddy Holder handled Liam Gallagher’s teenage antics very well on stage.
Kasabian had the best band performance of the night – actually were there any others? Where are all the bands? Anyway, a band with a gong is always going to be good.

Both Spice Girls also went to on the present awards so even though Melanie B was on our TV screen three times during the evening; it took Twitter to point out her half shaved head. I did not notice.

Best breakthrough went to JLS over Florence and the Machine. I guess Florence is no longer a breakthrough but established. In the same way the Spice Girls say they never won the Breakthrough award (Kula Shaka won!) but they did win two other awards that year.

Present Peter Kay on Lady Gaga “New York’s answer to Su Pollard”. GaGa muted. Yawn, yawn, yawn…..Thank heavens for Peter Kay.

I liked the Pet Shops Boys adverts for sponsor MasterCard along the idea that to have your favourite band play a private gig in your house is priceless.

No idea who the actor/presenter was who said the British music was all about bands – oops – (mentioning The Who) and ‘let’s see what London has to offer’. All this at the BRITS, which is full of solo artists and BRITS meaning British – not London. He was nervous I guess but then that’s what the autocue is for. Follow it.
A well deserved award for best band followed for Kasabian though.

I’m sure the young guns will be laughing/criticising Jonathan Ross’ get-up but I’ll just take it for what it’s all about; fun. He was ‘styled’ by Dizzee Rascal no less.

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys doing ‘Empire State of Mind’, was a good but simple performance of a great track but could have done a lot more really. Where are the fireworks, surprise guests, interesting re-mix of the song? Isn’t what we expect at these award shows?

Gosh, I couldn’t just mute this one, a solo performance from a WAG girl band member, I had to turn the TV off and listen to Radio 2’s coverage for a while, and it’s just too painful.

All this muting meant I kept missing Peter Kay but that’s a small price to pay. I didn’t miss Tom Ford, by far the most glamorous presenter this evening!

Florence and the Machine deservedly won the big one, album of the year.

Overall, it says something that Robbie Williams winning the Lifetime Achievement award (did they actually present him with the award?) wasn’t the most annoying part and still no Take That reunion – something I for one am not bothered about. Take That are great, why spoilt it?
I agreed with 2.5 of the award choices. That’s just from the nominations though not from everything bit of music released in the qualifying period.

The Winners

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4 thoughts on “BRITS February 16 2010

  1. My favourite performance of the evening was Dizzee and Florence – mainly because I already love the Florence song.

    I had recorded it so I could fast forward the boring/not my cup of tea bits. I have the feeling half the audience about my age or under didn’t know who Noddy Holder was!

    Lady Gaga was fast forward-ed. I didn’t get the whole thing about Lily’s wig and then why she was rude/mean to Fearne Cotton – surely Fearne was just doing her job?

  2. Thank you for comment! BRITS are very dear to my heart.
    Fearne/Lilly – I didn’t see any rudeness (other than the usual Lily bad attitude)?
    Noddy – he’s a legend, from one of the most successful bands of 70s. He was doing the BRITS commentary on Radio 2 at same time; he’s a regular on Radcliffe/Maconie show. So blimming knowledgeable it hurts! Any musician there worth their weight would most certainly know/hero worship him!

    • I grew up on Slade’s music amongst other random stuff lol. At Christmas it was Merry Xmas Everybody and then the rest of the time there was Cum on Feel The Noize and Coz I Luv You.

      I always remember watching a TOTP performance and Dave (who played bass or guitar maybe) wore a top hat with metal cirlces all over it (like badges before the pictures are put in)

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