The birth of Birmingham Vintage Fair

Huge thanks to Rebecca Sloan from Glacier Films for this fantastic film

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Before I start going through all the feedback (we gave out feedback forms – taking this very seriously!), I just want to document what worked for me.

The highs

The music; LOVE, now and forever

Two bands? Well of course, it’s my event.

The guitar solos, the hair, the psychedelia, and the shirts – I’m in musical heaven, if a little self indulgent. 

The traders trust in the event despite it being a new and unique concept what with Retro café and live music as well as lots of handmade and jewellery all mixed up with the more usual vintage. This is no ordinary event and I would never want it to be.

The fantastic effort they made to make their booth as unique as possible and to spread the word is just amazing.

The amount of people who came (258 paid + over 60 in the room, nearer 400 all in all.)

And the feedback, ideas and support they gave. 

The family, festival atmosphere

The outfits; so many people in 70s style which somehow made us all feel even more chilled out and laid back. 

The number of Twitter mentions

The support of Fellows Auctions, 24 Carrots, MyJQ and Jewellery Quarter Association who had nothing to gain other than help raise the profile of this wonderful neighbourhood 

The press coverage – Birmingham Mail, the Post and even Express & Star all covered it as well as mentions on Switch Radio. These are just the ones I know about.

The cakes – three cake stands? Well of course, it’s my event 

The festival vibe achieved without the alcohol

The staff and the volunteers

The film makers & photographers who took hundreds of fantastic and differing photos

The music. Again.

Birmingham Vintage Fair

Where Vintage meets shabby chic and handmade


A vintage fair with a difference; it’s a complete afternoon out with vintage clothes, pre-loved accessories, shabby chic home furnishings and handmade (in Birmingham) with art stirred in to the mix.

The nostalgic mood will also stretch to music and refreshments including coffee and cakes supplied by local Birmingham companies and possibly even makeup and hair sessions.


Birmingham and in particular the Jewellery Quarter is a hot bed of creative talent and Birmingham Vintage Fair is the event to celebrate this.

Birmingham is also full of  stylish people who crave new ideas, unique products and we know how to have a good time and while-away a gorgeous afternoon in June. We can even sit in the courtyard!

Birmingham Vintage Fair brings everyone together wrapped up in a gift box of vintage loveliness and shabby chic styletude©

Who’s Who

Visitors – students, home owners, professionals, locals, vintage & Shabby chic enthusiasts

Stall holders – local producers and suppliers of clothes, accessories, home furnishings + foods (Stall prices coming soon)

Me – a non-brummy who loves Birmingham. Apart from writing, I love music, clothes and cakes and find it tedious to organise an event without these three factors included. Sometimes I manage to get travel and football in there too.

How Businesses hire stalls of various sizes to display their goods or services

When Saturday 25th June 11am – 5pm

Where Stan’s Cafe, JQT

The theme of 2011 is very much 1970s (until the Fashionista’s tell us otherwise in about 74 seconds) so the decade that style forgot is absolutely fine with me for both music and design concept.

You ideas and opinions are very much sought so please email me on

More details on the website

If by chance you just want to say, hey, great idea, I want to be involved, then it can go in the comments below. Thanks very much!

Rhinestone Cowgirl

Rhinestone Cowgirl has a mission:

To travel the world and trawl the internet and find you the loveliest, prettiest, comfiest things for your home.

I love finding old stuff that has been trashed and making it look shiny and new, better than ever. I know you will give this unique product product pride of place in your home!

After all, one person’s trash is your treasure!

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