Movie – Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

I’ve never seen any of the three MI movies, or James Bond or the Bourne series for that matter – although I’ve caught bits of the latter on TV. I’m not a huge fan of the Cruise and yet the Last Samurai is one of my favourite films, so here goes.

It’s a standard albeit enjoyable flick with the usual spy-gadgets, impossibly glamorous spies in fast cars but with a few ridiculously dangerous stunts. The typical storyline is something like (I forget already) Ethan Hunt and his team are after a terrorist who has the codes for Russian (don’t they get fed up of always having to be the terrorists?) nuclear bombs but their first attempt ends in the Kremlin being blown up. Now the department that our hero worked for has closed so any missions ‘should he choose to accept’ are now dark, i.e. Ghost Protocol.

Cruise is supported by Jeremy Renner (who even I have heard of via the Hurt Locker) and Simon ‘boy done good’ Pegg. The stunts lived up to the hype and there are plenty of sequences to keep my brain from wondering although why anyone would choose to jump of the world’s tallest building is beyond me.

In all, an enjoyable but forgettable boys-with-their-toys film. Bring on 24; the Movie.


Smile factor 8/10