Kopi Coffee – because life’s too short for bad coffee

I first came across the Kopi guys when we attended the Tea & Coffee Festival in London last year. Having tried some of their coffee, we bought some home but what impresses even more than the lovely coffee is the Kopi attitude.

Gourmet coffee every month. Delivered.

For one they maintained excellent customer service on the day and had an offer to try the coffee. These guys offer a subscription coffee service (rather than sell via a coffee shop), Their packaging has clearly had some money spent (it smells of an investor) but it has the goods to back it up. The coffee inside the delightful packets is sublime and we’ve tried 3 different packets now. What’s more, it comes with background info and tasting notes so you can make the best of your coffee, whether you prefer beans or ground.

In our house now, rather than which coffee shall we make, we say which Kopi shall we have?

Kopi are currently trialling the ‘Weekender bag’ (small enough to fit through more letter boxes) or have a monthly subscription from just £7 per month. I’m guessing that’s less than what you spend every week in the coffee shop.

I’m looking forward to watching Kopi progress and besides, anyone that signs of their email from ‘the customer delight team’ is OK by me.

Kopi website


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