Movie – Shame

I’m pleased I’m actually free to see this bloggers preview as generally there’s little notice and I’m already booked up. However, seeing as it’s a preview for bloggers to review, with less than a dozen people in the room, I wasn’t able to take occasional notes either using my phone or the torch pen I have especially for these events because another ‘reviewer’ objected and asked me to leave. I guess I’m the only reviewer that doesn’t have a photographic memory but here goes.

According to the brief, the main character is addicted to sex and his life is turned upside down when his sister arrives to stay.

I took that to mean that at least 50% of the film will be about his sister helping his recovery; what actually happens is his sister is no help whatsoever, a night club singer with her own low self esteem demons to deal with. So 95% of the film is as dull as dishwater with intimate close up coverage of the addict’s daily (or more) conquests. I have no idea why every women he looked point blank at immediately rose from their seat, be it on a train or any other public place and then stripped off to have sex with him, wherever.

I’ve wondered if you could be addicted to sex – I feel it’s just a matter of willpower as it is with other addictions. As a child, we want everything as we don’t control when we may get it again, i.e. sweets and chocolate. As an adult, we realise we mustn’t behave like that as we will hurt others and ourselves.

In almost every scene at home he’s naked and we are (mis-) treated to close ups of his dangly private parts which let’s face it, are not that attractive but especially not on a large screen.

I didn’t feel the film dealt with his issues at all, rather just focussed on his desperate longing for sex and indeed pleasuring himself several times a day. After all, there is no damage to him as he appears to enjoy a lucrative career despite being away from his desk many times due to the above mentioned activities. This character made me feel uncomfortable as I wondered how far he may do – other than turn to prostitutes occasionally – to feed his addiction.

If it dealt with his addiction at all, the film may have been saved. Avoid unless you are a hormonal young boy – or girl for that matter. Just don’t get addicted.

0.5/10 – there were some nice home interiors to look at

Smile factor 0/10


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