Movie – Sherlock Holmes; A Game of Shadows

Everything about this film, the second Guy Ritchie take on Sherlock Holmes is fine; the story, the acting, the production, the special affects – all absolutely fine.

Holmes & Watson are portrayed very well by Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law despite them appearing to be very much in the 21st century via the theatre dressing up box. The support cast add a huge dose of humour but I didn’t get the wow factor I had when I left the cinema after watching the Sherlock Ritchie style Mark One.

Perhaps because that was Christmas day in snowy Montreal or maybe because it’s more of the same this time.

RDJ still plays Holmes more as an SAS trained action man rather than a be-suited detective but it’s good to see Stephen Fry play himself as his brother.

I’ve forgotten both story lines (saw this one 5 days ago!) but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy and will look forward to what I assume will be a third one in a couple of years.

7.5/10 (same as the last one)

Smile factor 8/10



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