Movie – 50/50

A light hearted movie about cancer.

Well it isn’t really, it tackles the issues around getting the illness head on but the story is based on the Adams’ (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) relationship with his best friend Kyle (Seth Rogen). It all focuses on Adam and how the people around him cope and react with the shock. His best friend’s main goal in life is to party hard & get laid, he doesn’t have a close relationship with his Mum (Anjelika Huston) and his Dad has Alzheimer’s. It’s inevitable he’ll grow closer to his Mum, helped in part by his shrink but not at ll by his cheating girlfriend who didn’t take the easy way out when offered. What we expect the film to focus on though is how his best friend will support him and the answer is better than the façade he puts on.

Cancer and comedy are not natural bed fellows and of course the whole time watching this movie I am thinking what if it happens to someone I love, although it already has, both ladies are doing well and being closely monitored and thankfully they hadn’t got to this advanced stage.

Well worth a watch as the movie is packed with humour and love even in the few gloomiest moments.


Smile factor 7/10



4 thoughts on “Movie – 50/50

  1. Didn’t like how this was sold as a ‘Comedy’, then turned out to be an emotional beating – still, any film that makes you cry more than once is pretty good in my eyes. Nice review.

    • Thanks, made me cry too when the relationship with the Mum seemed to take a turn for the better! Yes ‘comedy’ will be stretching it! It’s never going to be light but I thought they retained a level of humour throughout

  2. I want to see this but it’s not on in Bedford – I have Monday off so I’m thinking of going over to MK Monday afternoon to see it but I’m pretty sure that I should be using my Monday afternoon for more productive things that going to MK to go to the cinema lol. Maybe I need to ask CJ.

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