Movie – Arthur Christmas

It’s still too early to see a Christmas film on November 18th but there’s nothing else on and at least the Christmas lights are switched on, far too early but on nonetheless.

This year’s Christmas cinema visit (I don’t know of any other films that I’d want desperately to see but I  always try and see one festive offering) is for an animated tale of what happens in Santa’s North Pole in the 21st century.  It is indeed a modern take as Santa now has a space ship and thousands of elves in the Christmas warehouse ensuring every child receives a gift.

Except this year, the system fails and one – just one – present falls of the conveyor and Arthur, Santa’s younger, hapless but caring son, takes it upon himself to get that present delivered. Fortunately, Granddad Santa is still around to steer him through the old fashioned way, using magic dust.

A no-nonsense Christmas film that is worth a watch to get you into the Christmas spirit, even if you’re past the age of seven.


Smile factor 8½ /10



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