Movie – Tower Heist

Eddie Murphy

Mathew Broderick

That’s all I need to know for that this movie to be at least half good and actually, Ben Stiller is not too bad in it.

Plus it’s set in a hotel apartment building – actually the Trump Tower at the bottom of Central Park in New York – and I love a good hotel scenario.

When Building Manager Josh (Stiller) finds out that the president of the building, Mr Shaw has swindled the staff out of their pensions with a Ponzi scheme (sound familiar?) he sets about getting their money back. The bank accounts are empty so he figures there must be a cash reserve in his apartment.

Shaw is under house arrest so Josh needs a team to help him work out how to get the cash. Enter the criminal (Murphy) who he has to first bail out of jail, the newly jobless Wall St genius (Broderick) who is being evicted from the building, Charlie (Casey Affleck) who is still employed on the inside and the fabulous Odessa (Gabourey Sidibe).

What’s not to like.


Smile factor 9.5/10 


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