Movie – The Battle of Warsaw 1920

I mainly saw this because it was on at 3.15, a near perfect time for me as far as going to the cinema is concerned and it didn’t have anyone in it that I don’t enjoy watching. Not because I’m a fan of war films in particular.

Two striking story lines about this film:

  • ·         The lead character has (approximately) nine lives
  • ·         He survives several armies

Everyone who ever attacked poor Poland, inconveniently situated on the route to the much sought after Germany, are featured; Red Army, Bolsheviks and I think another one. One put him to work and another helped him escape. The other unfortunately, he did have to fight.

The underlying love story – there has to be one – is a little inevitable but I’d have been distraught if the newly we couple hadn’t found each other again. (not really a spoiler)

That said, it must be a decent film as I didn’t reach for the cinema sweets –  dolly mixtures, as you ask – although that may have something to do with the ¾ of Peyton & Byrne Coconut & Raspberry cake that I scoffed with a mug of coffee before I went in.


Smile factor 7/10



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