Peyton & Byrne – cakes

When I came back to England via New York, I put a plea out on Twitter for ‘Cupcakes’ and I was introduced to these guys. I did try them from Heals when I was staying in a hotel on Tottenham Court Road at that time, 30 months later they seem to have excelled. I pick up each of the flavours when at St Pancras International station (a whole separate piece due on that) and here’s the verdict. 

Coconut & Raspberry

Coconut is in my top 3 of favourite flavours and whilst not keen on raspberry, most of the flavour came from the perfect raspberry on top. What makes this cake are the giant coconut flakes on top, just gorgeous to mop up the remnants of the light creamy topping.

What I love about Peyton & Byrne: more than anything is that their individual cakes look like cupcakes – albeit mini ones, not American size – but they call themselves fairy cakes! USA bakery cupcakes have large muffin size bases with two/thirds of the item being the flavoured cream. You cannot see the cake past the cream on these giant concoctions, which are in my opinion made for two, Or for two sittings.

Passion Fruit

The second of the four cakes picked up at Peyton & Byrne This one looks creamily glorious with the filling carrying on the flavour in the cake beautifully. It’s a fairy cake for sure; a moist base but not crumbly and with a light topping.

What I love about Peyton & Byrne: they are decidedly English which makes them extremely popular, especially with the tourists hence their placement at St Pancras International train station.


Again not being a fruit person, this wouldn’t be a first choice and yet I love it. This one tastes like it says on the tin with a pretty little flower on top. It’s bound to be a classic favourite with all.

What I love about Peyton & Byrne: Is that they are not a ‘cupcake’ shop. These fairy cakes are just part of the cake collection, all of which I’ll be trying on frequent, otherwise unnecessary visits to St Pancras, after all, it’s just a few minutes from my regular Euston.




I’m not a big chocolate cake fan (chocolate itself, I like more) so not the best to judge. However, the BF is and we tboth hought this chocolate creation is very rich and flavourful.


What I love about Peyton & Byrne: the topping, as with all Peyton & Byrnes fairy cakes is more frosting than butter cream so delightfully light.

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