Domestic Goddess in training (Possibly the first of a series)


Words I didn’t think I’d say part 54: I learnt to sew.

A few weeks ago, I went to a craft work shop with the lovely ladies from Creative Open Workshops. It’s not that I’m a complete novice to sewing, I can sew a button and hem badly and I grew up with my Mum running up frocks for me on her sewing machine for my every choir performance.

Look, I'm preparing to sew!

Erin and Francine are in charge for the ‘Make a Tote Bag’ session. Unfortunately for them, they have a nervous but excitable novice to look after, fortunately for me they are patient, encouraging, fun and amazingly. After being allowed to select my own materials (three different ones to make up one bag!) they let me sit at their best sewing machine which can be set at the lowest possible ‘gear’ setting.

The finished bag

My bag created, I came away wanting a sewing machine. Or maybe a food mixer.

I’ve been trying to get back into cooking for the last couple of years. I’ve owned two mixers in the past as I did used to bake once upon a time and have an ology in cooking.

The domestic goddess in me is coming out and the mixer wins for now; I like food more.

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3 thoughts on “Domestic Goddess in training (Possibly the first of a series)

  1. YOU ARE FAB!!! Well done on your sewing adventure! So exciting! I have a pattern for an easy skirt – it’s literally two half circles with a hole in the middle that you hem and put a waist band on it – you can then cut to your ideal length – easy!

    What’s your next project?

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