Movie – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Mini review: If this film is a colour it is: brown

I’m the only person in the country it seems who hasn’t read the John Le Carré book, seen the TV series or generally knew anything about this but really, the clue is in the title.

I love the 1970s references; we know we’re in the decade when we see a Wimpy Burger bar. Considering one of the year’s block busters expected all star cast – people even I have heard of, Mark Strong, Kathy Burke and Colin Firth, John Hurt and Benedict Cumberbatch – they all have to compete with the overpowering, leading presence of Gary Oldman.

As a thriller, its slow burning but it kept my attention all the way even after we discover who the bad guy conspiring with Moscow is.


Smile factor 8/10 including one for the Wimpy reference (never been there mind)


4 thoughts on “Movie – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

  1. I haven’t read the book but I had heard the title (That’s about it). I keep meaning to go see it – why do I have so many like that on my list lol.

    My manager said she saw it and it was okay but it’s more about all the espionage stuff rather than MI5/Spooks esque/James Bond spying ness

    • Yes they are right, think I enjoyed more for the 1970s references than anything else. Did like the whole Ian Flemming vibe though, remember I got into all that after going to Bletchley Park a couple of years ago. Well worth a watch.

  2. I haven’t read the book either, but I’m going to wait for the film on DVD. It’s had some awesome reviews but a couple of people have said they weren’t impressed, maybe it’s the slow pace that gets to them? I went to see ‘Drive’ last night, awesome if you like high speed, goryness but the leading man is almost silent throughout so if you like ‘words’ you might not like him, lol. The soundtrack is amazing too! 😀

    • Yes, TinkerTailor will work on the small screen but I think some things only work on the big one – Drive maybe one of them? I was put off as the critics have loved it (!) but there’s nothing else on and a couple of people have mentioned the soundtrack, love a film with the good tunes. Will probably see today/tomorrow so thanks for that!

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