Movie – The Skin I Live in

Mini review: If this film is a colour it is: taupe

…or the colour of vomit as it takes a sick mind to come up with this: daughter goes into depression after mother kills herself (after she was disfigured in an accident), renowned skin graft specialist surgeon father’s concerned, takes her to a party, daughter is assaulted (or was she?), father tracks down alleged assailant, kidnaps and castrates him and over the years operates on him until he has turned him into a woman. And one that looks like his late wife. And then falls for her. There’s more but you get the drift.

0.5/10 as I never want to see it again

7/10 as excellent performances and brilliantly made

Smile factor 1/10


3 thoughts on “Movie – The Skin I Live in

  1. It was an example of Post Modernist art at its best-just playing with ideas/situations/characters. You leave the cinema impressed but not changed personally.

  2. I read the synopsis and that was enough for me – I’d seen it advertised on the tube when I was in London a few months back but it was too weird for me – it was on my list but then got moved further and further down and was taken off in the end – it grossed me out.

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