Book – Everything you know, by Zoe Heller

The second time in a row I’ve read a book by an author I’ve enjoyed, but not particularly this time. Not that there’s anything wrong with the book, I just couldn’t get into it although that’s partly because I’m pre-occupied with 89 things at the moment.

As the jacket states, the book is ’set inLondon,HollywoodandMexico’ so each chapter jumps between the three and ‘the women in Willy Muller’s Life are trouble’ and I have trouble keeping up with them.

There are two girlfriends, a mother and daughters, one of whom is married to a drug addict and the committed suicide, just after sending him her diaries. Willy is a writer, living inHollywoodwhilst his family are inLondon, with his book about to be turned into a film.

It’s as well written as the two Heller books I love ‘Notes on a Scandal’ and the brilliant ‘The Believers’. I actually want to ready the latter again now.

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