Movie – The Guard

I’ve not seen Martin McDonagh’s/Brendan Gleeson’s previous effort, In Bruges (Colin Farrell probably put me off) and so had no idea The Guard will be this funny.

Sergeant Boyle (Brendan Gleeson) is the small town, Irish cop who is not exactly bent, just not doing things by the book. There’s been a murder and he matter-of-factly has a day off to spend with two disease laden, enthusiastic hookers. At the same time, an anxious FBI agent (Don Cheadle) has come over from the USA to work on a drug trafficking case that is clearly linked with the same gang.

Even past the stereotypical racist jibes encompassing Boyle’s dark humour, the two aren’t destined to become work mates but it extends the good cop/bad cop suggestion to new levels; FBI doing everything by the book and small town cop robbing murder victims’ houses and selling recovered firearms to the IRA.

Add to the mix the always excellent baddie, Mark Strong and the film’s straight faced humour that is just so politically incorrect, it’s hilarious.


Smile factor 9/10

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