Movie – Cowboys & Aliens

I’m not a huge fan of either Harrison Ford or Daniel Craig or of alien movies so it’s just the ‘Cowboy’ that got me into see this. That and the absolute silliness I expect.

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain the plot; it starts promisingly with the sparks about to fly superbly between the Ford and Craig characters (disappointedly, neither plays an alien) but they pretty soon are fighting on the same side, to save the world from the aliens of course.

Which brings me on to the main criticism, the aliens? Firstly because they are so obvious and secondly they are bought in too early. I would have thought leaving their guise to our imagination for the best part of the film would have made up for the lack of expected Ford/Craig banter.

I do like a good western though and I just kept seeing my all time fave, Young Guns 11 through this. Wouldn’t it have been great if it was the original Young Guns cast – now all grown up – fighting against the aliens?

The film is worth seeing though just because it’s so utterly daft.


Smile factor 8/10


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