Movie – Beginners

This movie sounds good on paper; quirky, comedy drama about a 75 year old man who comes out of the closet after his wife dies and then finds out he has a terminal illness.

The story is shown through the eyes of his son, Oliver (Ewan McGregor) partly when he is young, partly when his father is dying and then in the present time.

McGregor is for me, the only down side, I don’t know why I’m not particularly enamoured with his screen presence – and what is that accent? But the film is the quirky comedy drama I expect, although a little long and a little too miserable. I’ve heard people mention the star of the show is his father’s little Yorkshire Terrier, who has his own witticisms via a speech bubble but not being an animal person, I just find that slightly amusing.

Through the three stories, we learn of Oliver’s relationship with his Mum, his dying father and new girlfriend, a French actress, played by a French actress. The best character is the father, Hal, (Christopher Plummer) who is fantastic with his newly found gay freedom. Who couldn’t love a Dad like that?


Smile factor 7/10


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