Music Monday: The Last Party

I’m bemused and delighted when unsigned bands email to introduce themselves. It sure saves me the trouble of getting to every gig early to see all three or four bands (although I’ll do that anyway!).

Wouldn’t it be great though if we heard them in clothes shops, coffee houses and most crucially the radio? I don’t get why radio has separate shows for ‘unsigned bands’. Surely if you just throw odd tracks into the mix all day, it will bother no-one and deserved bands will get the exposure. What does it matter if unsigned bands are in the blend when music is so readily downloadable in the time it used to take to get the cellophane of a CD?

Anyway, the Last Party, apart from the negative sounding name (!) are upbeat and poppy – party-ish in fact! I can hear a little of the Style Council with the melodies of the Coral and softness of The Thrills and such like. Music for a sunny day, or to pretend it’s a sunny day.

With yet another new band from Manchester approaching me, I can’t help thinking this is all linked to the web space I devote to my beloved Cherry Ghost. I do wish Birmingham bands were this pro-active!

The Last Party (I’ve already started loving the name – I get it, music you’ll play at the last ever party) having just formed in late 2010 are already doing dates nationally and do I hope they come to Brum soon.

More on the Last Party

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