Movie – The Tree of Life

It’s been four weeks since I have paid my weekly visit to the cinema.

After an exhausting but exhilarating busy spell, I’m ready to lie down in a darkened room for a while. So I figure the cinema will do.

The usual thing; I have no idea what the film is about but I know it features Brad Pitt (absolutely loathe on the screen) and Sean Penn (acting God).

I pick the right film for a lie-down as I’m asleep before the opening credits stop. In the first part, each time I awake, usually as the classical soundtrack’s volume rose, we are on the same scene, so I’ve not missed much. There are lots of shots of weather; clouds, sun, rain and shots of scenery; mountains, fields, volcanoes and then I fall asleep again.

It reminds me of ‘Lost in Translation’, so painful I couldn’t fall asleep or walk out and this to will divide people into the love/hate camps.

All I get of the story is it’s about bringing up a young family, instilling values and manners and hoping the children grown up with better opportunities than you. Oh, and one of them is miserable. Not really a new idea.

It appears that the (far too) few scenes with our man, Sean Penn are of him playing the grown up version of one of the three sons, in the modern world and still coming to terms with the death of his brother.

That’s all I got dipping in and out of sleep. That and coming out of the cinema completely chilled.

Impossible to rate/10

Sleep Factor 7/10

Lost in Translation 10/10

3 thoughts on “Movie – The Tree of Life

  1. Last time I fell asleep in the cinema was when I went to see Night at The Museum 2 with the Youth Group – I’d already seen it then for this youth trip we went swimming then for lunch and then to the cinema – so I grabbed a siesta lol.

  2. It totally is a Marmite movie, isn’t it? Luckily, for me, I think Marmite is delicious – and I quite enjoyed Tree of Life, though I’m totally aware of how divisive it is.

    I thought it was loaded, chaotic, stimulating; beautiful to look at and listen to, though I wasn’t quite sure what to make of its conclusion? It asks some pretty big questions and looks back to the dawn of time to answer them (were you awake for the dinosaurs?). I’m not sure that it does, but it’s poetic and open to interpretation.

    Also, I thought Brad Pitt was ace!

    • I missed the dinosaurs although have heard about them since! It is poetic and beautiful – just very long for that kind of a film. I depends on your reasons for seeing a film I guess, for me it’s my couple of hours of escapism so I want to immerse myself into a film so I can clear my head – and be entertained!

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