Birmingham Vintage Fair – review

June 25th 2011

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The idea came when I became frustrated by the lack of an event to showcase local, creative talent and that gives these

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people an opportunity to sell their products. There are vintage fairs of course but they are just vintage. I love vintage but I also adore having lots of unique, quirky things in my house. I take great joy in finding something I want to buy and then find it’s created or sold by a local person. Whereas national events display the wares of many people who travel to Birmingham to do business, my dream was to build business for local traders of vintage, new, handmade, home wares or arts – anything goes if it fits the vibe, in the style of 24 Carrots Farmers Market.

However, those who know me will know I won’t do anything by halves (my Daddy didn’t raise me that way!) and will always make it different. I don’t see the point of replicating what’s already around. The first thing I need when planning an event is a theme – I can’t even plan a brunch for 4 without a theme! – and as the 1970s are having a rare moment in the spotlight, this is an easy decision. From this came the most important element for a festival atmosphere, the music followed by the imagery (yellow backed by a kaleidoscope of clashing colours; purple, orange and brown) dress and food.

What transpired after months of planning and research were launched as BVF, onto a few select people back in April is beyond my wildest dreams. Word spread like More Cocoa’s hot chocolate spilling over strawberries and everyone from 24 Carrots to the Jewellery Association and Handmade Birmingham to the traders is promoting it.

The highlights for me as an organiser is the community vibe the BVF evoked and how so many people made an effort to get into the 1970s easy going spirit. Every trader, photographer, film maker, organiser and many visitors made this event a success with Twitter playing a massive part.

As an observer, what made it for me was the music; I feel truly blessed to have both Naked Remedy and Dakesis perform at the (first) BVF and more than that, just to know about both bands that I’m now so looking forward to seeing again.

Maybe this is what heaven’s like? I had my music, cakes, coffee, clothes and my friends and family; everything I need.

I’d love your comments and feedback.

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2 thoughts on “Birmingham Vintage Fair – review

  1. More Cocoa’s hot chocolate was amazing! There was a massive dollop of proper melted chocolate then mixed in with milk it was fab! Just missed out on the cupcakes though 😦

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