Music Monday: Birmingham Vintage Fair

Naked Remedy

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I’ve spent weeks looking; this is one area that I wouldn’t compromise. For me, to give BVF a festival vibe, the music had to be at the centre of it and not just any band but one that accentuated the 1970s vibe. In the last two months I have been to every gig early to catch the support bands. After contacting every promoter, band, radio presenter, music college and music fan, I have not one but two PERFECT bands.

Naked Remedy to me represented the turn of the decade and I love every minute of their set. They’re a popular live band and had gigs either side of this event so I’m lucky not just to have them perform but they sure set the tone for the day too and not just with the psychedelic backdrop! I visibly saw people stop what they were doing as the energy poured out from the stage and there was a lot of noise from three people. Oh and a drummer who sings and converses with the crowd – who new!

Naked RemedyNaked Remedy    


In addition, the Naked Remedy family are a great bunch of guys and it’s a joy to have met them. They have earned more fans from the BVF audience and I for one am so looking forward to seeing them again. And I love that I like a band that gig a lot!


Hair, there, everywhere

                                                        If Naked Remedy started around 1970, Dakesis moved along the decade perfectly. Instead of their progressive metal set, they entertained a delighted audience with some classic rock covers of which the highlights for me are ‘Rebel Rebel’ and of course, ‘20th Century Boy’. I was delighted when I saw this in their set list as the track had become a point of reference for me when searching for the band. Gemma and the band are a pleasure to work with and on stage, they tick every box outside the fantastic set; guitar solos, hair, theatrics, everything I expect and then some. I cannot wait to see their full set.

From an audience perspective, both bands fitted in perfectly. From an organiser’s point of view, they both saved and made the day. LOVE


So that’s two more bands added to the ‘must see every time they play Birmingham’ list. HAPPY.


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: Birmingham Vintage Fair

  1. I have some other pictures if you’d like them – especially of the crazy guitar double solo in the middle of the floor during Dakesis set. I showed the drummer at church yesterday and he thought it was awesome!

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