Travel Thursday: Your most enjoyable journey

It has be the ride from New York to Washington in 2008.

In my mind, it’s the home of the best TV programme ever made, West Wing. It’s about 4-5 hours bus ride which I chose over the train as I felt I would see a lot more along the way making the journey part of the adventure.

This is my (delayed) birthday adventure for the year where I go to a city for the first time and everything got ticked off on route:

We drive through New Jersey which I love, I always feel like Jersey is real America and certainly the heartland of rock ‘n roll.

On the radio, I hear ‘Holiday’ by Madonna as if I wasn’t already in holiday mode. Then the clique American radio bands – guaranteed to hear on the radio – John Cougar Mellencamp and fittingly for Jersey, Bon Jovi.

To top it all, the young women in front of me had a little laptop and she’s watching the last every episode of, you’ve guessed it, West Wing. I had my radio in my ears but of course could follow every scene, I’m sure she didn’t mind me looking over her shoulder.

I arrived in Washington even more hyped up, fittingly as the city is preparing for President Obama’s inauguration.

The story unfolds here

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