Travel Thursday 5. Your favourite restaurant you have visited

Wow this is tough! I judge ‘best restaurants’ to be those I’ve had the best time in, not necessarily best food, expensive or Michelin stars. Still, there have been so many, especially in New York. I’ve eaten at the Waldorf on Christmas day and had countless great experiences. If I had to choose one eating experience then I choose the one that I enjoyed during one of my ‘top 5 days ever.’

In brief: San Francisco 2007, to celebrate my birthday, the first time I go away for my birthday rather than have my traditional party. It’s the Sunday before my birthday; I go to Little Italy, always a favourite place in any city.

In SanFran, it’s the North Beach neighbourhood. Instead of placing me at the side somewhere, they seat me right in the middle. I have the most unrushed brunch and my love for Eggs Benedict starts right now.

I read most of the Sunday Times magazine feature on Paul Weller, going back to his home town, Woking. This was the first day I appreciate Paul Weller’s music, perhaps because I’m in such a good mood, but I’ve bought and loved every CD since. I go onto have one of the most perfect days ever including walking over Jack Kerouac’s ‘star’ outside a gorgeous book store. From then on, every time I have Eggs Benedict, it reminds me of both Paul Weller and San Francisco.

I have no idea what the place is called but its right by the church on the square. One day I’ll find out.

North Beach


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