Movie – Senna

1.    I know nothing about Ayrton Senna

2.    I know nothing about Formula One

3.    I have no desire to know anything about Formula One

So I’m watching this just to see why they call the man who risked his life by driving round and round in very fast cars ’the best’. Don’t get me wrong, I love a fast car myself and as I can’t bear to drive a standard Peugeot-type thing (no offense), I made a deal with myself a couple of years ago; sell the car = quit the gym = live right in the city and walk everywhere for exercise – become green.

So ‘Senna’ as the name suggests, is about the man rather than the sport. The documentary is more about what makes him tick and what drives him (pun #1).

I’m aware that the sport is moneyed, you need to have money to even learn or be super lucky with early sponsorship and to that end; we learn Senna came from what we call a comfortable background. He has the drive (#2) to be the best as indeed everyone at the top of their game has, but Mr Senna seems to have something else that’s pushing him; belief in the almighty maybe?

Another thing I find odd about Formula One is that they have teams but obviously drive their individual cars, surely that means they are going to be competitive within because as is pointed out in the film to team member Alain Prost, there can only one champion.

Nothing will possess me to support such a dangerous sport, despite there not being a fatality since Senna, every time you step behind the wheel there is life threatening danger. The only difference between the race track and our roads is that we (generally) don’t race and there are more cars on our road so chances of injury are higher. What possesses someone to actually risk their life, leaving behind young families and loved ones for the sake of making a living as a driver – well that I don’t comprehend. Boxing seems tame by comparison.

However, this is a fantastic piece of genuine film and an immense insight into F1. As long as people are enjoying it, play on.


Smile factor 5/10



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