Book – The Editors Wife, Clare Chambers

“Original and additive…reminds us of the rare pleasure that an intelligent tale with a happy ending brings”. Daily Telegraph

“Beautifully observed and achingly funny” – Woman & Home

A surprisingly light read which is just what I had hoped. In fact the book is better than I hoped as I haven’t come across the writer before but will be sure to read more of her work now.

The first surprising thing I notice after a few pages is that the book is narrated by a man. I had to double check the cover and the jacket to determine Clare is a woman. I’ve never read a book written in this way before so I’m immediately intrigued.

The character is a writer, Christopher, or rather he is when he becomes a university drop-out. He’s written a novel of a story he feels compelled to write and is amazed to get the attention of a wonderful editor who takes him under his wing. It’s this Editors Wife that he falls for and the book tells a little bit of their affair but also delves into the feelings of angst the writer goes through in writing this book whilst having the affair.

The book teasingly drops in and out of present time now that he is middle aged and when he was writing the book. It is much later in life that the real story becomes known.

I love the characters that weave in and out of Christopher’s life, the parents, the, hall we call him eccentric, brother, the Editor and the famous author and how their memories keep appearing throughout this novel.

A fine read and a twist of the interesting variety at the end.


Inspiration factor 9/10



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