This Burning Age – A Muzzle for the Masses (CD)

So finally I get hold of this CD……

Having seen the band perform acoustically at Urban Coffee and then live at The Actress & Bishop hearing the CD is the last vital piece.

Just like at the proper live gig I recognised a few tracks from the acoustic set, I recognise a lot of these tracks and in particularly, Stronger, Faster, Fitter and the beautiful album closer, Honey are already lodged in my brain.

The first listen is an absolute treat on an early Sunday afternoon but by the end, I just have to sit down and give listening to this my 100%.

The second listen sees me stop in my tracks; literally, I let the coffee go cold and the phone go unanswered and the little red flashing light is ignored. How can there be this much talent right here on this one debut album?!

Influence wise, I hear Bowie (although that should have been bleeding obvious from the off) which leads me on to Bauhaus which leads me on to Muse. Otherwise, I can’t/won’t define them but if they’re really are only two types of music, file this album in ‘good’, right at the top.

NB If you know me, you know I don’t like to know too much about the band/film before I write about it so have now looked up their influences. Bowie is indeed right at the top (but then he’s influenced EVERYONE) followed by Muse, Gary Numan, Joy Division, New Order, The Cure and rather delightfully The Pet Shop Boys. Who doesn’t love the PSB!


2 thoughts on “This Burning Age – A Muzzle for the Masses (CD)

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