Movie: Win Win

What a sweet movie. I don’t know what the genre is (quirky comedy?) but this type of film is soon becoming my favourite. It’s about every day people who either live extraordinary lives or bizarre things happen to them.

A small town lawyer, Mike Flaherty, is finding it hard to keep his practice going and in order to look after his young family; he takes legal guardianship of an elderly client as he cannot find his estranged daughter.

For this he receives $1500 per month but decides there isn’t enough time between work, family and coaching a local wrestling team to look after the well-to-do client and deposits him in an, albeit nice, residential home. I imagine this would defeat the object as that must take a chunk of the payment but perhaps it’s different in America.

Out of the blue, the client’s grandson turns up, wanting to live with his Grandfather and Mike duly takes him for visits and let’s him live in his family home. All is going smoothly, the grandson, Kyle is even a very good wrestler, until the long forgotten daughter turns up to stake her financial claim and it’s a only a matter of time until the well meaning  lie starts to unfold.

It’s refreshing to see a lawyer portrayed as a nice person, despite his deception and as unrealistic as that is, this is delightful, well-made film.


Smile factor 9/10




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