Adventures in Birmingham 21st May 11

Ordinarily, I write this 1. when I have time and 2. when I’ve had an extra fun-packed week. In this instance, it’s just one day.

The third weekend on of the month is usually my favourite as more often than not. It starts perfectly on the Friday with what I call my coffee morning, Likemind. On Farmers Saturday, a new tradition is forming with late breakfast (well late for everyone else, normal for me) at Urban on  although it’s very hard to get down to normal Saturday book writing when the delights of 24 Carrots is right outside.

I have added a new regular order to the hot chocolate, cupcakes and coffee – flowers. Just because I don’t (can, but won’t) cook, I can still buy something from the vegetable stand!

Today there is an extra treat as there are special open days at the studios of several talented local jewellers, all part of Open Studios 2011. We loved the new jewellery (and I’m not a big jewellery person, just cannot leave the house without ear-rings & sometimes a necklace is called for) but I do have a huge collection. So there is no justification for buying, despite us seeing gorgeous collections designed by Becca Williams and all the Centrepiece designers. 

After all this excitement, there’s not much time to get ready for my second social outing out of the city centre this year, for my first visit (well first since this habitation in Brum) to the Mac, conveniently placed right by the also convenient Number One bus stop. Before I go in, I note the Edgbaston Cricket Ground refurbishment is coming along nicely; another thing Birmingham is proud off.

Reykjavik, mentioned by a few people on Twitter, is indeed worth seeing. The official description mentions something about a love story taking us through the Icelandic capitol. I can only describe it as a bonkers performance, where we, the audience participate. I mean full participate with costume, lines and movement; we literally move with the performance. It’s a very clever show indeed.

Not as remarkable as the next day’s finale of the English premier football league season, however.


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