Book: The Hating Game, Talli Roland

The Hating Game in question is a reality television show. Unknown to Mattie Johns when she agrees to go on it for ‘a second chance for romance’, the chance will be with four of her carefully chosen exes.

Ms Johns isn’t doing the show for romance; she needs the £200K prize money to save her recruitment business, after one of her exes took half of her business with him when she fired him and he started his own.

Will she make it through the two weeks of national TV humiliation to get the money? Which one of her (many) exes will be revealed on the show and what tricks has the aspiring but in-experienced producer got in store for her?

The author’s imagination works wonders on what the behind the scenes in a reality show may be like; there is corruption for sure but the manipulation of the greedy production executives is bordering on illegal and all of it is immoral. This and wondering which one of her exes will pop from the under the dimmed lights has me racing through the chapters, my brain working faster than my page turning fingers.

I adore the entire colourful cast of characters from the domineering personality of the business person in financial trouble to the controlling TV exec, all four exes, the wimpy aspiring producer with a contradicting conscious and the drippy but loyal best mate.

I can’t help but think what fun must have been had thinking up the characters and once again I’m inspired; maybe I will write a novel as well as ‘fact’ books one day.

I loved this more than I imagined. It’s a light read but has your eyes begging you to read faster and for your fingers to turn the page. You know when I love a book I save the last few pages for the next day so I can relish looking forward to it. It’s rare but that’s the case with this. I could do with reading one of these books say every three months. Come on Ms Roland, do a Barbara Cartland for us and keep them going! I cannot wait for the next novel.


Inspiration factor 10/10


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