Movie: Source Code

It won’t surprise you, dear reader, to know I had forgotten what this film was about and why I was watching it. Then came the credit to remind me: directed by Duncan Jones of the brilliant ‘Moon’ fame.

‘Source Code’ is better than ‘Limitless’ and up there with ‘Moon’.

For a time I wondered if it would feel claustrophobic watching it as the scenes all seemed to be in small, confined places but I soon get over that once the story sinks in.

The story being (I think I have this right, I’m just a girl) that the US army have found a way of placing someone back in time for a few minutes to solve crimes or in this case, stop a second terrorist bomb from being set off.

 Captain Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is the soldier who’s being sent between his ‘pod’  and to a train that has been blown up to find out who the bomber is so that back in real time, the second bomb can be stopped. The only sub-plot is the person who’s head he inhabits for these few minutes is travelling with his girlfriend and it takes Stevens a few trips back in time to realise he needs to pretend to be her boyfriend and he is not really on the train.

The scenes switch from train, to pod to control room with a little of the outside world thrown in

The other plot is that back in real time, he doesn’t know he is being used in this way until a little while into the film so his mind is twisted between trying to do his duty and trying to figure out where on earth he is.

The audience is held in suspense the whole way through. I loved Moon and this is pacier than that.

For someone who rarely remembers actors names (despite watching a film most weeks) I will be looking out for Duncan Jones films from now on.


Smile factor 8½/10

2 thoughts on “Movie: Source Code

  1. Did you know Duncan Jones is David Bowie’s son? I wasn’t sure about going to see it – I have a night off band tomorrow and struggling to decide what to see – my friend and I went to see Chalet Girl last week.

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