Movie – Limitless

I was told that this was silly places but good. This is true.

Struggling writer, Eddie Morrar (is there any other kind unless you’re JK Rowling?) is introduced to a pill that enables him to utilise his brain to much better effect. He manages to write a brilliant book in a matter of days but then gets greedy and tries his hand in finance, to spectacular results. This gets him the attention of big fish Carl Van Loon (Robert de Niro) who takes him under is not completely innocent wing.

Of course, throughout the film we are thinking what we would do with such a pill that enables us to reach the far corners of our mind for every memory and thought we’ve ever had? My fantasy is to write two great books and then settle into a simpler writing life. That would take TWO pills (street value several hundred dollars) but this guy ends up with a whole (stolen) batch.

Robert De Niro is always going to add class to a film but doesn’t completely wipe out that daftness especially with his dirty deals.  In the end a pill isn’t going to get rid of idiot murdering gangsters who somehow manage to fathom out what the pill does in three seconds and come after Eddie for more (Played by Bradley Cooper, some pretty boy actor that everyone else knew except me).

Not as good as Lincoln Lawyer but worth seeing.


Smile factor 8/10


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