30 Songs in 30 Days: Day 07 – A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event

Again, there are so many but this one popped into my head first.

Luciano Pavarotti – Nessun Dorma

It was the theme for World Cup Italia 90 but actually reminds me of a very poingant moment, during World Cup 2002, where I ducked out of a meeting at every opportune moment to check the football score with the IT boys. By the time I came out of the meeting, the game was over and Italy were knocked out by South Korea.

South Korea! I’d been driving my adored Hyandai then but vowed never to buy a Korean car again until Italy redeemed themselves. Of course I can buy one now if I like but thereafter I had a German car, for non-football reasons. (Car-free now)

I put this track on when they win or lose and there are tears whichever way. But on this day I had the CD in the car ready and remember being stuck in traffic trying to drown out my tears by having this as loud as common decency allowed. I was desperate to be at home. just distraught, not because they lost but because they lost in the second round and to S Korea.

So why Italy? It’s ironic as WC 1990 is the last time I remember really routing for England in a tournament. After that I’ve only followed Italy simply because I come from Bedford, otherwise known as Little Italy. I grew up with Italian unfluence and still have the same Italian hairdresser as I had there 25 years ago. Not that Italy are perfect, they are either magnificent or appalling, no middle ground, but I need a team to follow and have stuck with them. Of course, I keep an eye on England and will be over the moon if they ever win anything but my heart aches too much to actually love them.

Oh, I have liked opera ever since ’90 so that’s a bonus.

2 thoughts on “30 Songs in 30 Days: Day 07 – A Song That Reminds You of a Certain Event

  1. There is something about Nessun Dorma sung by an amazing opera singer like Pavarotti – I have it on my phone. Have you seen the version that Alfie Boe sings in Matt Lucas’s kitchen? Alfie Boe is an amazing Tenor – he mainly sings opera but he was in Les Mis as Valjean. The Video

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