Movie – Lincoln Lawyer

Silly title, classy film

The title is just the limousine that the main character is driven in. Not being a fan of Matthew McConaughey, another actor that plays himself in every film (I don’t mind, just admit it, like Hugh Grant does) but I like the idea of this film.

As the Lincoln Lawyer, McConaughey plays a street wise lawyer, Mickey Haller, who defends known criminals with a view of getting them off of at least keeping them of death row. He takes money up front, in brown envelopes, from Hells Angels who flag him down on the highway and throw it through the ‘office’ window.

This all changes when he is picked by a wealthy young man over his family lawyer to represent him. It’s only when he realises he is being set up that the film is blown wide open; His client admits his guilt after the case opens so now it’s a matter of representing him badly so he loses and thereby also losing credibility or something else?

Not sure if this is a 12a; the gruesome scenes are more implied than actual but that would have been enough to give my 12 year old self nightmares.

The boy done good; McConaughey plays it straight very well and is ably supported by the ever brilliant, Marisa Tomei, as supportive ex-wife and mother of his daughter and William H Macey (coming soon as the lead in the US ‘Shameless’) as his buddy/expert investigator.


 Smile factor 8/10 (because of the gruesome scenes)


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