Music Monday: J is for Journey (& Steve Perry)

Journey cover two chapters; they are on the short list of artists ‘guaranteed to be heard on USA radio within an hour of tuning in’ and they wrote one of my three inspirational tracks. So we’ll start with that

1. Don’t Stop Believing (don’t start me on any ridiculous covers of this iconic track)
2.Who’s Crying Now

Then I realise that it’s mostly Steve Perry’s solo stuff I’m reminising so I cheat slightly
3. Oh Sherry
4. Foolish Heart

3 thoughts on “Music Monday: J is for Journey (& Steve Perry)

  1. I have one of those annoying covers in my car at the moment lol. Then again I tend to skip that one track as it’s over played now. Probably going to make up a mix disc this week for my car instead of having like 10 CDs stuffed in the car door pocket.

  2. As Sally-Jayne said last week after we heard “Don’t Stop Believing” in the car – “Kids think they invented this song, but I’ve loved it for years”. Which was true, but also worrying because it’s exactly what my mother used to say to me whenever I listened to a re-release or cover version of an old song from her younger days. And your wife reminding you of your mother is never a good thing, unless you’re Italian, in which case I believe it is compulsory.

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