30 Songs in 30 days: Day 1

30 Songs in 30 Days comes from the lovely Hannah
Day 01 – Your Favourite Song

Well this is an impossible one to start with! I have an all time top 10 but I couldn’t choose just one, in fact I’m going to increase the 10 to 20 this year.

So I’m going for the song that’s in my head right now, that I can hear over and over again.
Me and Tennessee

Who’s it by? The Country King himself, Tim McGraw and some actress called Gwyneth Paltrow.
(I know, but  I’m a sucker for big Country anthems).

Here’s the advert for the film from which it comes, ‘Country Strong’

The film, I’m dissapointed to learn is not getting a full release, just in selected cinemas. Which means Birmingham, not being a hot bed of country fans, is being bypassed.


4 thoughts on “30 Songs in 30 days: Day 1

  1. Bedford will probably be bypassed as well. I’ve been listening to this lots too lol. Mainly because I think it’s on the A Playlist for Radio 2

      • The week before or week after Easter weekend? I have the week after off – if that co-insides with your visit maybe we can go together…

      • I’m going to be in MK on the Good Friday before I fly out on Saturday. I doubt it will be still on then but if it is – absolutely!

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