Movie – Submarine

I support any British film if it looks half way entertaining so I put this at the top of the viewing list this week.

The story is of young Oliver Tate bullied at school for being different – the usual thing – then finally hooking up with the girl of his dreams, Jordana, against all the odds. Well actually he wins her heart by joining in her bullying but they seem like nice kids underneath this smokescreen. It’s the problems at home that pull them apart; she has a very poorly mother and his parents appear to be on the brink of separation. The film follows them getting together, separating and generally enduring traumatic school days.

It took me a while to figure what era it was set in but when the Mr & Mrs Tate (Sally Hawkins) were going to see ‘Crocodile Dundee’ I gathered we’re in the 1980s.

Submarine is made by a very funny man, Richard Ayoade so I felt it deserved a watch. I’ve liked a few British ‘teen’ comedies (not American) in the last few years notably Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and Anita & Me but not this.

This one doesn’t translate into adulthood like the others have. It’s very funny in places and the (teen) audience seemed to like it but I was looking at the time after 30 minutes and then checking emails/Twitter throughout the other hour.

5/10 (I feel bad this being a British film and all but it’s just my opinion, the teens who it’s made for will like it, I’m sure)

Smile factor 7/10


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