Adventures in Birmingham: Cherry Ghost

Adventures in Birmingham: Cherry Ghost live at the Glee Club, Birmingham

In case you and I have never communicated, this is to let you know it’s my third time seeing Cherry Ghost, third time since they released their second album last July in fact.

I was already considering them for current BBITW* when their first album was released but I was in America then and this is the first touring stint I managed to leap on.

So I saw them in July just after the release, supporting the eternally wondrous the Coral to boot but unusually in the sit down, toe-tapping theatre style of Alexandra Theatre. Then in their own right at the more suitable O2 Academy and now in what doesn’t look good on paper but actually is an ideal live music venue, the Glee Club.

Ideal because the stage is in the middle of the widest wall in the room so a lot more people can get up close and personal. Actually even though I stood my usual minimum 6, maximum 10 rows back, I felt a little too close to the band; I don’t like seeing the whites of their eyes or indeed making eye contact. So I don’t mind when two people stood in front of me slightly blocking my perfect view. It’s not ideal because I stop myself thinking of those Pesky Glee Kids© ruining all the tracks I hold dear.

So the band are at their best, the venue perfectly suited, if a bit of a trek for me to get to and it appears to be a sell-out.

So why doesn’t it feel right?

The support, Driver, Drive Faster set us up nicely even if they are a little too melancholy and samey, the crowd melt into the front of the stage and the toilets are clean (not a huge factor but a nice touch).

Cherry Ghost are on top form, fairly chatty and their excellent musicianship is for all to see, particularly as it’s very light on the stage. I can only think that it’s just an odd venue, the crowd are not as enthusiastic as at the O2 or indeed at the Alexandra. I can count the ones who know all the songs on one hand and that includes me and the audience seem a lot older. Perhaps that’s what it is; it’s not the usual mix of students that I’ve seen previously. Certainly there was no-one I recognised in the crowd so that’s a first.

Anyway, none of that detracts from what is another mesmerising performance from the Ghosters and I for one will see them as many times as possible in these lovely intimate venues before they start having to perform at large soulless arenas.


Likelihood of seeing them again 10/10

*Best band in the world

More about Cherry Ghost

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