Music Monday: G is for Guns N’ Roses

I’m going to have to trawl through my CDs (and records) if  I do ‘G’ again as I could think of no other artist from the top of my head. For #musicmonday I feel it has to be someone I have at least one, if not more albums by, to warrant being a favourite.

Sweet Child O Mine – was in my all time Top 10 until outsted when I reviewed the list in 2005. I’ve decided the list needs to be reviewed once again. This track also features in my ‘favourite guitar riffs of all time’ list which is based on riffs I’d like to play when I get around to learning to play my guitar.

You Could Be Mine – love it anyway but it comes from the soundtrack to my all time favourite film (well top 3 anyway), Terminator 2

Paradise City – Just pips ‘November Rain’ because it’s just such a great rock track!

But I love the video for November Rain!

GNR on Amazon


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