Movie: The Adjustment Bureau

Movie: The Adjustment Bureau

The blurb said you’ll like this if you like The Bourne Ultimatum, Minority Report or Inception. I normally disregard that but in this case; The Adjustment Bureau is like Inception with a story.

The story is of politician (Matt Damon), who just after losing the senate election meets a woman (Emily Blunt) whilst he is practicing his speech. This causes him to change his said speech from being a rousing ‘I’ll be back’ type message to a ‘who am I kidding’ communication.

As you would (not), he decides the woman he just met for 54 seconds is worth chasing, despite not knowing her name. He bumps into her a few weeks later when he starts a real job but this is where the Adjustment Bureau came in; they don’t want them to be together so their job is to change the future. They literally stop the world, change the cause and start it again, with no-one any the wiser. Except our hero.  He is in the wrong place at the wrong time (they so often are) and ends up getting to a meeting that he should have been five minutes late for and catches the bureau in action – fixing things. All because the agent, who was meant to make him spill his coffee, falls asleep for a few precious seconds.

There begins the standard cat and mouse chase of him trying to get the girl and them stopping him at every street corner, door and taxi hail. What I don’t understand is why they just don’t find them both new partners to bump into, fall in love with and share a life with.

It’s as original as Inception and has all the weirdness to entertain but it’s all set at the same time so an altogether more enjoyable film.

See if you like Inception, the Bourne Ultimatum or Minority Report


Smile factor 8/10


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