Comedy – Lenny Henry: From Cradle to Rave

As with Jonathan Ross, I have grown up with Lenny Henry being part of my life. So why I have waited two decades to see him I have no idea. I don’t remember him specifically winning New Faces, back when talent shoes were about talent, but I do recall it being essential family viewing, back when there were all only three channels and one TV.

However, when this show was suggested to me way back last autumn, I knew instantly it was the must see. This show, you see, is about Lenny’s love of music.

A few of us trundled along to see this and we sat across over 2 rows. (I never understand why groups sit in one long line? Whereas we’re not going to talk to each other we can exchange knowing glances and prods.) We’d booked the tickets so long ago, we’d almost forgotten so it’s a lovely surprise to be walking out on a Monday evening as winter closes down to go and spend 2 hours in the company of the funniest men I’ve ever seen.

The whole of Alexander Theatre was laughing as soon as Mr Henry walked on the set, I don’t think he’d even uttered a word. I know we are in for a wondrous evening during which there is no heckling, no picking on the audience and barely a one-liner. Just Lenny’s chat about growing up with music is enough to amuse us which just goes to show (and as much as I find comics like Frankie Boyle funny) there’s not always a need.

As if the trip through memory lane with loads of fantastic tunes that had us chair dancing wasn’t enough, the encore was a show in itself; Lenny the musician comes on with a band and does an actual set, complete with James Brown gyrations.

A superb night of entertainment enjoyed by all.


Smile factor 10/10 (think this is a first)


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