Birmingham Writers Club


A writers club based in the city centre, we have informal get togethers for a coffee on regular  Saturday afternoons (at the moment) to share advice, tips and generally support each other.


I waited for a year after arriving in Birmingham and no amount of searching unveiled a writers club so here we are, greeting all comers!


Anyone who writes or is looking to start; whether you’re in the middle of writing a comedy film script, an avid poet, a novelist, a freelancer  or a journalist, all of you have valuable knowledge to share with the rest of us. Please do.


There’s a link on how to RSVP to each meeting. We only have a maximum of 12 so we can all talk and get something out of the afternoon so please reserve your place early (and let me know if you change your mind!)


April 2nd 2011 3pm (Church St)

April 17th 3pm (Big Peg, Jewellery Quarter)

Sat May 14th 3pm (Church St)

Sun June 12th (Big Peg, Jewellery Quarter)

Urban Coffee Co locations

Please RSVP by email or adding a comment

Members Page

Links for writers page


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