Movie – True Grit

Do you want the honest truth? I don’t know anything about the original so this is a straight forward new movie to me. Not my favourite genre but I do like some westerns and ‘Young Guns’ is right at the top of the list.

The story is centred on a 14 year old girl country girl who witnesses her father being shot by a known criminal, Chaney (Josh Brolin – is he the new ‘bad guy’?) and she seeks the services of a bounty hunting US Marshall to avenge his death. Appearing far more mature than her young years, Mattie Ross steps up to the job that neither her mother nor siblings are up to whilst also attempting to keep the family business going. Her negotiating skills will give Donald Trump a run for his money!

‘Rooster’ (Jeff Bridges) is recommend although Texan Ranger, LaBouef (Matt Damon) eerily appears in her boarding house bedroom offering his services too, Miss Ross soon puts him in his place, unable to settle for anyone but the best for the job in hand, the one with ‘true grit’.

In the event, they both work together and three unlikely partners set off in search for the murderer whilst we follow their testing adventures.

Of course it’s well made, Jeff Bridges can clearly do no wrong at the moment and all the performances are terrific, especially the young Hailee Steinfeld. There is a little lull in the middle but my interest comes back without much delay and it’s almost an 8/10 which would mean I look forward to watching it again and recommend it as a watchable movie.

The big surprise is I like a Coen Brothers movie. Another first.

7½/10 (or 7 and three quarters)

Smile factor 7/10


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