Best movies of 2010

It’s mid-way through February and I’ve already got to a week when there’s nothing I want to see at the cinema. So I’m looking back to 2010, otherwise known as ‘the worst year for films in my lifetime’. I still have high hopes for 2011, I’m sure it’s just a glitch.

Best films of 2010

1. Made in Dagenham 9/10  Review & Trailer

2. Blind Side 8½/10  Review & Trailer

3. Invictus 8½/10 Review & Trailer


2 thoughts on “Best movies of 2010

  1. Out of those three, I’ve only seen Blind Side – I liked it so much it was on my Christmas List. I didn’t get to see Made in Dagenham as Bedford had it on for a limited run 😦 I also missed Invictus – might read the book before the film (or is it okay to watch the film first?)

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