If M&S made hotels…….My perfect hotel

I’m not a fan of Carling so in my world, Marks & Spencer is the benchmark of perfection

Second in an occasional series 

This is not my idea of a luxury hotel, that will be much longer list but just a perfect hotel for every day needs. 

Bath not just a shower.

I always say, if something is going to be a real pleasure it has to be worth at least sitting down for. A shower is such a rude awakening and I will rarely partake in this punishment at home so why should I in a hotel I pay for the privilege to be in?

Wireless It’s the 21st century and this costs pennies to run and is the most convenient modern invention. 

I make my decision on staying in a hotel on the above two; after that this is what then makes a hotel perfect: 

Selection of radio stations, ideally to include Radio 2 in the UK


A selection of TV stations ideally to include at least one (English speaking) entertainment channel and one music channel. 

A coffee machine and/or hot water (not necessarily in the room)


An ice machine (ditto) 

A close-by late opening coffee shop and ideally a grocery store

A large comfortable, fairly soft bed

4 pillows and a duvet, plus extra blankets 

Room service. I may never use it but it’s good to know it’s there.


Convenient check in by 12, Check out after 12 with safe luggage storage facilities (not a room where we can just go can get our own cases. Yes really, I had that in a Notting Hill Hotel) 

Last but really most importantly, excellent old fashioned customer service that panders to our needs;

           ♦ If we are ill, leave a get-well kit in the room, check in on us or leave a get-well note

           ♦ If  we are tourists, offer maps, directions, advice and ask how our day has been

           ♦ If we’re on business ask if we’re having a good day, if we need a newspaper or tell us about what news we’ve missed              

Best of the best

Loveliest hotel for decor: Radisson Edwardian Grafton, Tottenham Court Road, London. I like traditional luxury.

Fabulous hotel for facilities: Swallow Hotels (extinct). First time I’d seen phones in the bathroom. Totally unnecessary but they really are thinking of everything.

Luxurious hotel: Le Pavilion, New Orleans (thankfully still intact) Just perfect in every way.

Best hotel for view: A hotel in Vancouver I stayed in for just one night with a floor to ceiling view of the Rockies. I’m back there soon so must find this place again.

Nicest service in recent years: Siena Hotel, Verona, Italy


I’ve since stayed in Century Plaza and this hotel has eclipsed all. With one additional service, recycling.

See blog post


2 thoughts on “If M&S made hotels…….My perfect hotel

  1. The best hotel I’ve stayed in I think would be Amsterdam or Paris. On our arrival in Amsterdam we got settled then went out for a wander and when we came back to collect our keys in the evening we were given a bottle of Champagne, now even though I don’t like it very much it was a lovely wedding present from the hotel. They were lovely and friendly and the receptionist seemed to speak more languages than Dutch and English which worked for other guests too.
    They were lovely when we asked for help about places to visit.

    Paris was lovely but they were a little less helpful – when we asked for directions they looked down their noses at us (I was in jeans and a hoodie – I was on holiday I wasn’t dressing up unless I needed to lol)

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